Another staple every plant parent should have! This was actually one of the first plants I ever bought myself. Same size pot on the clearance rack of Aldi because it was basically dead. 4 years later and it it in a 10in pot and has vines over 20ft long. Her name is Philomena, but I call her Phil. She is my love. 

Heart Leaf Philodendron

  • If you kill this I will be impressed. 

    Light: Low to bright. Mine is right in a south facing window and is loving life. 

    Water/Humidity: Water every 7-10 days, but it will forgive you if you're a little late. Mine is in the dryest, coldest area of my apartment and it is thriving. Your household humidity is probably just fine. 

    Feeding: Every 2 weeks during spring and summer. 

    Pet Safety: Toxic to pets if ingested.