The plant everyone should have! Almost impossible to kill and so many varieties to choose from. They grow so fast and are propagated very easily. Golden pothos get theyr name from the gorgeous yellow variegation on their dark green leaves. 


Planter not included. 

Let us know if you also purchase a planter with your plant, we can pot it for you.

Golden Pothos

  • Light: You can put these anywhere. Seriously I have one in my windowless room and its somehow thriving. They do best in medium-bright indirect light though. 

    Water/Humidity: Water once a week or so. Whenever the first few inches of soil is dry. Have a pot without drainage? This guy probably won't care. 

    Feeding: Fertilize biweekly in the spring and summer. 

    Pet Safety: These are toxic to dogs and cats if ingested. 


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